In November, a blog will start living here. 

Once upon a time I wrote about my feelings a lot on the Internet. Pretty much regularly from 2000-2013, to be exact. Then I got stressed out and tired of it, so I took a(n almost two year!) break, but now I miss it so I’m coming back. Life works in cycles, y’all. I wonder when the texture of my hair will change again. Anyway!

As of November 4th, I’ll be publishing a weekly blog post in this very spot! The posts will go up every Wednesday morning, and they’ll be some sort of essay/journal entry/interview…basically anything I have been thinking about a lot that I want to write about and explore, but don’t feel that I can pitch to an established website. This is to hold me accountable to myself when it comes to creating a regular writing practice, to make sure I’m honing my skills and flexing my writing muscles (without giving myself carpal tunnel), and also because I really really miss engaging with other people through my writing.

So get excited and check back on November 4th. In the meanwhile, I’m gonna try to make the “about” section of this site sound less dorky. 

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