Goodbye, Obama. Thank you. 

If you read one thing today, make it this incredibly well researched and moving article about President Barack Obama and the letters from the American people that he read every day he was in office.

(Update: I changed my mind, you have to read two things today, because you should also know about Trump erasing the LGBTQ community and the truth about climate change — that it exists — on his very first day! And yes, I’ve read the Snopes page “explaining” this, but I still think the original point stands, and it’s still scary and worth knowing about.)

I have loved Obama for eight years and I mourn the fact that as of this evening I will no longer be able to call him my president. For the past eight years I have had the privilege of feeling as though my president cares deeply about me and about the citizens of this country, and when I go to sleep tonight I will no longer be able to say I feel that way.

I’m going to resist and fight for the next four years — for myself, but more importantly for those who have more to fear than I do — but today I just feel very sad. I wanted to write more, say something more meaningful, but this is all I’ve got for now.

Oh, and here are some photos from November 4, 2008, when I still lived in New York and Obama won for the first time and it felt like the happiest day of everyone’s life. I looked through them when I woke up this morning and they brought me the smallest amount of joy because I thought, we will get to that place again. We have to.

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