Depressing Things, Day 4

Hey, did you want to read something well-illustrated and extremely depressing today? Well cool, do I have a gift for you! Here’s an educated guess by Susie Cagle for Outside about what Trump’s first 100 days could look like for Mother Earth. And, you know, those of us who live on her. It’s definitely a worst-case scenario perspective, but uh, if you’re not thinking that we’re living the definition of a worst-case scenario, then I don’t know what to tell you!

An Illustrated Guide to Trump’s Plan for the Environment

It’s pretty bleak. As the oldest man to ever assume the position of President of the United States, it can be reasonably assumed that he won’t have to live with the long-term results of his environmental policies—he won’t see wildfires devastate a drought-stricken Southwest, won’t evacuate Trump Tower when the next hurricane drowns Manhattan, won’t stand at the edge of Mar-A-Lago as the Atlantic laps at its gates.


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