Remember when a teen boy recreated Beyoncé’s “Countdown” video perfectly while wearing a snuggie?

Hey guys I dunno about you but I’ve been feeling really sad and anxious lately. Mostly I blame Donald Trump and the Portland rain. Maybe you’ve also been feeling sad and anxious, I dunno. Whether you’re feeling totally fine or whether you wake up and cry/yell at NPR every day (yes, Alley’s alarm clock is set to NPR, yes, I spend most mornings putting the pillow over my face and moaning “Nooooo” at whatever depressing thing the person on the radio is talking about that day before I even get out of bed) I feel like maybe you could use a treat. Well, I’ve got one for you!

Let me remind you of a simpler time, a happier time, a more colorful time, a time when Barack Obama was our president and Beyoncé had just released the music video to Countdown and – get ready – a random teen boy decided to wear a snuggie, perfectly recreate the entire Countdown video, film himself doing this, and post it on the internet!

Do you remember when this happened? It brought me a lot of joy then and it still brings me a lot of joy now. Maybe it will bring you some joy, too. Let’s walk down memory lane together.

First, Beyoncé made this video. I love it. I watched it every morning when I woke up the winter of 2011, to get myself in a good mood for the day.

Then! This brilliant 16 year old, Ton Do-Nguyen, decided to recreate the video! Perfectly! While wearing a snuggie. For fun. You guys, was the world ever so pure? Truly. In 2012 we could sit on the internet idly chatting about this perfect child because the world wasn’t fucking burning every single damn day. Anyway. It’s fine. Check out the most perfect video comparison to ever grace the Goddess’s green earth:

I know. I know. Even Beyoncé herself was blown away, giving him a shoutout on her blog and saying, “I think he did this video better than I did!

I remembered all this out of the blue a couple of weeks ago and had the joy of introducing Alley to it and we just watched it over and over again on her sofa, giggling and feeling happy. It was a weird and fleeting feeling, as joy tends to be for those of us with a conscience and a brain in Trump’s America in 2017, but it was nice while it lasted. This may seem like a silly blog post but I wanted to share that fun giggly happy feeling with you.

(Alley, of course, immediately Googled Ton Do-Nguyen to see what he’s up to now, five years later. Looks like he’s thriving, duh.)

Anyway, Happy Wednesday! I hope you, like me, watch the snuggie version of this video no less than 15 times and allow yourself to feel some small level of joy, because you deserve it. (Unless you support Trump and then you don’t deserve anything nice, bye.)

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