Spoiler alert: I am no longer on the PCT

The title of this post gives the subject matter away before I even begin. I suppose that's okay. Best to not bury the lede. Good morning, dear blog readers. I am no longer on the PCT. I left the trail on May 29. I'm glad I did, but it's also complicated. Sigh. I've been putting … Continue reading Spoiler alert: I am no longer on the PCT

Day Nineteen: Finally, Fuller Ridge

Mile 183.5 to mile 190.5 + Deer Springs Trail (3.5 miles) 10.5 miles Lynn, Cate, and Mike all get up and leave very early. I'm taking the shuttle with Caddy and Hobo from the inn where they're staying to the Deer Spring trailhead, and it only leaves at 8:30, so I've got time. It would be … Continue reading Day Nineteen: Finally, Fuller Ridge