Day Twelve: Nero and Night Hiking

Mile 109.5 to mile 114.5 5 miles Today is lazy on purpose. I'm taking a nero, which is like a zero but you hike a little bit - Nearly a Zero! I sleep in and don't plan to hike out until it's cooler, so I have until 4pm or 5pm. A bunch of other hikers … Continue reading Day Twelve: Nero and Night Hiking

Day Eleven: 100 Miles!

Mile 96.5 to mile 109.5 13 miles Sure enough, at 4am I hear Heidi leave. I don't mind - she warned me she gets up early. Some people got to our campsite late last night after both Heidi and I were already asleep (and woke both of us up being loud, for the record) and … Continue reading Day Eleven: 100 Miles!