Day Ten: Butt Chafe Is Forever

Mile 80 to mile 96.5 16.5 miles At 5am it's still dark and I wake up to a noise. I see a red light and realize someone is walking down the trail with their headlamp on the red setting so as to be unobtrusive. Well. Nothing like someone else overachieving to get my ass out … Continue reading Day Ten: Butt Chafe Is Forever

Day Nine: Rejuvenation in Julian

Mile 73 to mile 80 7 miles My alarm goes off at 5:30 and I think I do a pretty good job getting ready quickly. I hit snooze once (oops, old habits die hard) but then I'm up and eating breakfast and getting things together. When I pop my head out of my tent at … Continue reading Day Nine: Rejuvenation in Julian