Day Eleven: 100 Miles!

Mile 96.5 to mile 109.5 13 miles Sure enough, at 4am I hear Heidi leave. I don't mind - she warned me she gets up early. Some people got to our campsite late last night after both Heidi and I were already asleep (and woke both of us up being loud, for the record) and … Continue reading Day Eleven: 100 Miles!

Day Ten: Butt Chafe Is Forever

Mile 80 to mile 96.5 16.5 miles At 5am it's still dark and I wake up to a noise. I see a red light and realize someone is walking down the trail with their headlamp on the red setting so as to be unobtrusive. Well. Nothing like someone else overachieving to get my ass out … Continue reading Day Ten: Butt Chafe Is Forever